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Somao is a rural parish within the counsel of Pravia, at the mouth of the Nalón river a mere three kilometres from the coast. The simple country feeling mixed with the stately architecture of the traditional Indiana homes give a unique character that the community has looked after, protecting and nurturing the village’s architectural legacy.

The history of the village changed when, at the end of the 19th century several local citizens set sail for America, in search of fortune and a better life than they could hope for in the Asturias of the day. With hard work, vigour and determination, some of those intrepid young men, called Indianos were successful in business in the new world and eventually came back home with enough wealth so as to build colourful and stately manor houses, similar to those in colonial Cuba at that time.

Apart from the rich architecture, it is worth mentioning Somao’s superb elevated location, looking to the sea and the mouth of the Deva river. Thus, it commands a privileged view. On clear summer days the sky and the sea blend together forming an endless and serene blue horizon.

Over the last decades, Somao like many other villages in Asturias, has had to adapt their local economy to modern times, looking for alternatives from the traditional cattle and farming of before. And although Somao still has some dairy farms and others farm potatoes and other fruits and vegetables, the village now generates part of its income through an attractive tourist offering with great care given to detail, without losing any of its original charming warmth.

Besides rural tourism, Somao offers four hospitality establishments: Las Columns bar & restaurant, Opera Omnia Restaurant, El Indiano traditional bar & shop and the Monte Somao Hotel. There is also a motor garage, a carpentry shop and a dairy.

Somao is in all likelihood the nicest and prettiest little village in the world. This is why we would like to invite you to discover and get to know its charms.

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